Jet stamp-family

stamp picture made fast and easily on your PC

This year again, the Ernst Reiner GmbH & Co. KG will present further innovations on the Paperworld exhibition.

The very handy jet Stamp-family has grown again. Additionally to the MP-series, where the user can print on specific surfaces such as metal or plastics, a new software for the jet Stamp-family will be introduced. This software enables the user to easily create his own prints on a PC.

The jet Stamp-family 790 prints in a fast, mobile and quiet way on all kinds of surfaces, be they even or uneven, all types of documents, proofs, envelopes as well as wrapping materials can be stamped on as well. The MP Series comes with a fast drying stamp pad ink. This special kind of ink enables to print surfaces made of metal or plastics precisely and securely.

The specifically for its jet Stamp series developed software “PC set Easy” is a novelty as well. This new software will enable you to easily create stamp designs on a PC. Via mouse-click features like numbers, date, time and text line can be placed in the appropriate position of the imprint. The image of the stamp can be altered as often as needed.

Having finished the design, the imprint can be transferred fast and easily to the stamp. This process is happening via USB-port. The specific software can be inserted in all Windows® operating systems currently used.

Stamping – as flexible and easy as never before!